Rohr Boutique is one of the rare gems of Kuwait which remains unrivalled in the Middle East region. It embodies the remarkable sweet concept combining the finest Swiss chocolates and coffee blends in one luxurious café that features a spacious garden-like seating and beautiful environment.

Located at the Olympia Mall in Salmyia, Rohr Boutique is designed to provide comfort and luxury. With its unique ambience, Rohr Boutique is the ideal setting to enjoy a sweet treat created with great artisanship and a freshly brewed coffee. Our homemade pastries, handmade Rohr Chocolate and the finest taste of Carasso coffee from Switzerland make Rohr Boutique a standout.

Our pride lies in our passion to perfect the art of Swiss chocolate making and coffee brewing. Our concept is built upon handcrafting superior chocolates - Rohr chocolates not only taste exquisite, but also look exceptional and pair well with Carasso coffee. The result is an indulgence for all the senses.

In line with the highly revered Swiss chocolate making traditions and qualities of taste, our ongoing creativity excels not only through chocolate and coffee but also through the art of providing our customers a joyful experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

With over 40 types of world-class Rohr chocolates to choose from, Rohr is known all over the world for our pralines as well as dark and milk chocolates. Each chocolate is handcrafted to perfect both the quality and the taste of each bite. Rohr's gourmet chocolates are made in Geneva using only the finest natural ingredients, preserved fruits and only the finest chocolate.

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