Ghanija restaurant concepts acquired the franchise agreement and brought the upscale Naranj Restaurant to join Kuwait’s modern culture and heritage where the haute cuisine traditions of the Mediterranean and Levant are unparalleled.

In Naranj, food and beverage connoisseurs can enjoy the genuine Arabic hospitality and sample homemade Arabic ingredient-centric recipes from the rich Syrian culture which is also heavily influenced by the environment of the whole Middle East region. The traditional Syrian cuisine continues to gain popularity among food-lovers in Kuwait where Levantine and Mediterranean food specialties have been popular for decades.  

Naranj Kuwait sprang as the second branch of a Syria-based restaurant constructed in 2007 over an old mill and refurbished into an authentic Arabic restaurant in the old city of Damascus. Offering indulgent taste of Arabic specialties and a rich palette of cuisines, Naranj in the heart of Kuwait, has been hailed as one the best restaurants in the region and has garnered a host of accolades by diners and food connoisseurs. 

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